Recommended Reading List

These books are in English, or translations to English. Unless otherwise noted, the recommendations are from Virginia Easley DeMarce, also noted as VED. I have not yet put them in a standard bibliography format. Anyone want to speak up?

You do not have to read all of these books to make a valuable contribution to the 1632 universe. You may not have to read any. If you do not have much background in history, we strongly recommend that you at least read a general history and a history of the Thirty Years' War before you start reading more specific histories.

If you feel intimidated by this reading list, note that it has very little on Russia, the Ukraine, the Baltic states, Romania, the Ottoman empire, etc. Recommendations for basic readings to the east and to the southeast are gratefully accepted.

Please note that we most emphatically do not recommend that you purchase all of these books. Libraries are wonderful. Interlibrary loan is a good thing. Get to know your local librarians.


History — General

History — Thirty Years War

History — Agricultural and handwork

History — England

History — France

History — Germany

History — Netherlands

History — Military

History — Poland

History — Russia

The following recommendations are from Paula Goodlet, who recommends used and inter-library loan.


History — Spain

History — North America

History — Science and Technology