1632 Slush

US Steel reports

The problem for Europe in 1631 is that it is poor in both iron and steel. Inside The Ring of Fire there is around twenty thousand tons of steel. This supply of iron is enough to last Grantville for around two years. After that Grantville will be dependent on down-time supplies of iron and steel.

One of the problems everyone needs to overcome is finance. The way USE Steel came up with is to go to Duke Johann Philipp. The problem Duke Philipp has, is that the laws of the time prohibit his daughter from inheriting his lands. USE Steel is providing him a workaround. By financing USE Steel when he dies she will be able to inherit his interest in the company.

The Solution USE Steel is trying to build a downsized blast furnace from between 1870 and 1920 and a 1870s Bessemer converter. They have rough drawings of several blast furnaces from the late 19th century. They have a good drawing of the Bessemer converter. This blast furnace will incorporate advanced features for the 1630s. The new blast furnace will use steam power, coke, and preheat of the blast. The Bessemer converter will enable them to convert the pig iron to Bessemer steel. Now on to the reports.

John Leggett

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